Memphis, Tennessee
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Mr. Steve Harvey my name is Deora Anderson solar I am writing you because I need some help I don't know if you are going to get back in touch with me but I really need some help I am 38 years old and here's my story when I was 18 years old I gave birth to my first child a boy then I had a little girl after being abused in my life I end up giving them away to move out of the state that I was raised in so that they may have a better life I ended up traveling the world for a majority of my life I moved to Memphis Tennessee where I ended up with a pimp I was being pimped I was prostituting on drugs and everything else I ended up having for living babies all together to which I had in the prison system Steve I am asking you to help me because God has given me grace mercy and favor he has a lot of a man named Eric solar to change my life completely he got me off drugs with the help of God he moved me from where I was prostituting he helped me gain a job which I'm still working but there is one problem when I have my last baby I got my tubes tied I have been on the straight path for a couple years now I work at McDonald's which I love my job my husband is a supervisor for Marshalls clothing store I love my husband and he don't have any children now I have became pregnant while my tubes were tied but had lost them because of the fact that that my tubes are tied Steve Harvey I am asking you begging you to help us to be able to have a kid we are trying to get our apartment together which we've been in together for about a year our anniversary is December the 12th Steve Harvey If you will help us get our tubes untied so that I may give my husband his first kid I can help pay half I'm not asking for you to just do the whole thing but the only thing I can think about these days is having a baby now that my life is together it hurts I Cry because this is all I want please help me Steve Harvey

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